Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Diet Plan

The Post-Baby Diet of Jessica Simpson

Jessica’s brand new look diet started 2 months after having her baby, along with a fifteen-day smoothie diet. This consisted of having 3 smoothies daily and then slowly including meals and snacks as the time passed. See the full article, here.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Diet

Here is a recipe for Simpson’s preferred metabolism enhancing smoothie:

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss


1. Five raw almonds

2. One red apple

3. One banana

4. � glass nonfat Greek yogurt

5. � glass non-fat milk

6. ¼ tablespoon cinnamon

What you do:

Blend all these ingredients in a top quality mixer.

Consuming this particular smoothie each morning provides you with all the fiber, protein, plus calcium which you require to fuel you during the day.

Following the fifteen-day smoothie diet plan that behaved as a full-body cleanser, the celebrity opted for a Weight Watchers diet. Using the premise that in case you make healthy selections you will consume less, the diet stresses veggies, fruit, and also lean proteins. Although no food items are formally off limits, you do need to stick to a regular points plan.

This Weight Watchers plan provided Jennifer with the flexibility to structure her own diet plan.

For achieving her weight reduction goal, Jessica Simpson was required to quit her preferred carb craving – cheese and macaroni. She wished to reduce carbs whenever possible so as to control her insulin discharge, hence motivating her system to make use of stored fats as the preferred source of energy.

Due to her diligence as well as willpower, this 35-year old singer appears as good as she would in her teenage years, which is certainly worth mentioning.